Business Mediation Services

Mediation is a confidential and viable time- and cost-saving approach to resolving disputes and pending litigation. Mediation enables you and the other party to come to a compromise you both find reasonable, while avoiding the stress and expense of a courtroom trial.

McLin Burnsed provides experienced, fair and responsible mediation services for businesses of all sizes, including public and private corporations and organizations, partnerships, management teams, officers, directors and shareholders, and other professional entities. Our mediation services are structured to help you find a workable solution with the other party to achieve a balance of goals while minimizing the cost and risk of litigation.

Our renowned conflict resolution experience can help you gain the best outcome across a variety of practice areas, including complex commercial litigation, securities litigation, business transaction and contractual disputes, class action cases, non-compete litigation and more. Phillip Smith, our Certified Circuit Civil Mediator will provide experienced mediation services to help you resolve your conflicts with the other parties to settle your case quickly and efficiently. 

Attorney  :   Phillip S. Smith


Phillip S. Smith