Achieving Your Goals With a Tax Attorney

Sarah E. Uhrik, tax law attorney

Sarah E. Uhrik, tax law attorney

When it comes to sensible strategies to hold onto your wealth, you may benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of a qualified tax attorney. McLin Burnsed’s Sarah E. Uhrik holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in taxation and assists clients with wealth management and tax planning. After all, keeping everything you’re legally entitled to is a key to smart wealth management, and the right guidance can help you avoid costly mistakes.

What’s the Difference Between a Tax Attorney and an Accountant?

A Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, is a highly trained professional capable of handling most tax filing situations. Some tax attorneys specialize in reactive planning with regards to the legal aspects of taxes, assisting with potentially serious problems like back taxes owed to the IRS or a state or local tax board, unfiled tax returns, a tax lien on your property, a levy on a bank account, wage garnishment and other issues that are beyond the scope of a CPA. Other tax attorneys specialize in proactive and strategic planning for avoidance of unnecessary gift taxes, estate taxes, capital gains taxes, or corporate taxes. An experienced tax attorney knows the ins and outs of what’s legal and what might get you into serious trouble. Sarah E. Uhrik has years of experience dealing with the IRS and state and local tax agencies to help reduce tax debt and structure your business or estate so that you can avoid tax problems in the first place.

What Circumstances Warrant Seeing a Tax Attorney?

• You’re starting, buying, selling or dissolving a business. A qualified tax attorney can help you determine what kind of designation – C-corp, S-corp, LLC, etc. – is likely to be the most beneficial given your particular circumstances. And, going forward, your tax attorney can help you make smart decisions throughout the lifecycle of your business that can save you money and avoid headaches. They can also assist in the often-complex tax aspects of the purchase, sale, transfer, dissolution or restructuring of a business.

• You or your company does business in another country. This situation creates the potential for problems because it involves one or more countries’ tax laws, as well as the rules of the IRS, whether you’re earning foreign income or operating at a loss. “As a tax attorney I know how to manage multiple tax structures and work with your CPA to discover any appropriate write-offs,” says Ms. Uhrik.

• You own property outside the country. Again, a good tax lawyer can explain the tax rules and regulations regarding property taxes, capital gains and other issues when you own property abroad, and advise you on the smartest tax strategies.

• You have money, property, holdings, a business or other things of value you want to leave to your heirs. This is part of estate planning, and a good tax attorney can help you plan intelligently to get the best tax advantages for both you and your heirs.

What is the Scope of Sarah Uhrik’s Services?

As an experienced tax attorney, Sarah Uhrik’s services include: utilization of the latest tax benefits, credits and deferral strategies; formation, structuring and tax election of corporations and partnerships; not-for-profit formation and tax advice; mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions of existing businesses; estate planning, including estate tax return filing and estate tax mitigation; charitable planning, tax deferred restructuring and exchanges, and other important services designed to help individuals, businesses and not-for-profits gain every legal tax advantage.

Sarah Uhrik works at McLin Burnsed’s Lake Sumter Landing office in The Villages and can be reached at 352-259-5011 or for more information, visit