Why I Embrace Long Mondays

Authored by: Sarah Uhrik


In addition to being a tax attorney, I am an adjunct professor for the Paralegal Studies program at Valencia College, teaching Wills, Trusts & Estate Administration to a class comprised primarily of full-time working adults, many with kids. My class is awesome and I love teaching them. My students are eager to learn so they can expand their skill set and advance their careers. Many of them will get a bump in pay once they have earned their Associate in Science Degree. 

I currently teach from 6:30 to 9:50 every Monday night, which is challenging after a full day of advising tax, corporate, and estate planning clients. Valencia College is about an hour-and-a-half drive from my office, so Mondays are very long.  Even so, it’s worth the reward because I’ve always wanted to be a professor, utilizing my skills and knowledge to enrich people’s lives, whether in a conference room or a classroom. Kudos to my husband for pushing me to pursue every single one of my dreams, even if it means he picks up the slack at home. My teaching style is a bit satirical and spicy because I find people engage most readily when they’re able to share a few laughs while they learn. 

I spend my off time and weekends grading papers and responding to students’ questions. Having even one professor encourage and motivate a student can change his or her life. I want to be that professor. I had several professors in both college and law school who helped me define my goals, bolster my passions, and narrow my focus academically. They pushed me hard and taught me how to think critically. I am still in touch with several of them and they continue to teach and inspire me. My job as an attorney can be very mentally taxing and, in spite of the added workload, teaching provides a cathartic balance. I’m hooked. This is what I was meant to do and I’m grateful that life directed me down this path.