More Than Ever, People & Businesses Turn to Tax Attorneys For Guidance

The current tax landscape has surprised a vast segment of businesses and individuals, with many surprised and confused by their personal or corporate bill for 2018. The new rules and conditions have produced a spike in clients for tax attorneys like Sarah E. Uhrik. “The IRS Code and corresponding Treasury Regulations are updated often, and navigating the IRS with either a business, tricky estate, or charitable organization is often a time-consuming and daunting task,” says Ms. Uhrik, who has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in taxation and works with the McLin Burnsed law firm in The Villages, Florida. “My job to is stay on top of new rulings and changes that may impact my clients, whether individuals, couples, small business owners or charitable organizations, and direct them to the exact code provision that can help maximize business growth, minimize the impact of income taxation, and/or mitigate the sting of estate taxes by utilizing the rules properly.” 


A Master of Laws, or LL.M. degree goes beyond a Juris Doctor degree to include advanced and focused education and training in a particular legal practice area. “The LL.M. program in taxation is one of the most difficult degrees to procure,” says Ms. Uhrik. “But successfully obtaining my Masters (with honors, if I’m allowed to brag) assured me that I was in a field I loved, I was helping people in a way I felt good about, and I was smart enough to give the advice I was offering.”  

“Understanding that there are tax consequences for almost every layer of a business deal is a vital component in structuring any transaction.”
— Sarah Uhrik, LL.M., attorney

Ms. Uhrik earned her LL.M. to provide in-depth understanding of estate planning/wealth management, corporate tax planning, and for-profit and not-for-profit tax services, among others. “During my first year as an Illinois attorney I realized a major component of corporate law and estate planning was tax planning,” says Ms. Uhrik. “Today I help individuals create new businesses, maintain existing businesses, merge and acquire new companies, and even dissolve a business when it has served its purpose. In estate planning, I help individuals and couples with everything from creating wills and trusts to helping create a comprehensive plan for extending wealth and passing it on to future generations. I also assist charities with creation and obtaining tax-exempt status and provide legal counsel regarding solicitation of donations and more. I have connections with larger foundations and can provide guidance regarding donor advised funds and creative charitable gifting strategies.”

Ms. Uhrik finds her many services to be both challenging and rewarding. “One of my favorite things is to help a small business owner or entrepreneur take an idea and implement a plan to create a business. Understanding that there are tax consequences for almost every layer of a business deal is a vital component in structuring any transaction.” Ms. Uhrik also helps clients maximize their wealth by helping them advance their legacy without mistakenly overpaying taxes to the IRS. She is especially gratified to help not-for-profits realize their goals. “I consider helping charitable organizations to be icing on the cake.”

Ms. Uhrik uses her membership with the Florida Tax Bar to network with other tax attorneys whenever necessary to help address issues like international taxation, large-scale corporate tax matters, tax litigation and other circumstances. She also works closely with financial advisors and certified public accountants to help her clients gain the most out of every possible legal allowance and benefit. Sarah Uhrik works at McLin Burnsed’s Sumter Landing Office at 1028 Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages.

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